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Whether you are looking for that perfect auto insurance quote or trying to keep your family healthy in safe with health or life insuracne or maybe you just want to shop around for the best home owners policy, we have you covered.

Obtaining Individual Health Insurance Quotes

With fewer and fewer employers providing family and individual health insurance for their employees, many are turning to private health insurance solutions.

What Makes Us Different?

We are here to provide in depth information and provide you with an individual health insurance quote that meets your needs.

What is individual health insurance?

Individual health insurance is coverage that a person buys independently. It can be sold to a single individual, to a parent and dependent children, or to a family.

How can I buy individual health insurance coverage in Ann Arbor?

You’ve come to the right place. In almost every state, individual health insurance coverage can be purchased through licensed health insurance salespeople known as agents or brokers. Independent agents and brokers sell insurance plans from many health insurance companies, and they can help you find the coverage that best suits your individual needs.

How is individual health insurance different from group health insurance?

Individual health insurance is very different than group health insurance, which is the type of insurance that is offered through an employer. Since laws mandating what types of services must be included in individual policies are often different than those dictating what must be included in group policies, benefits are generally less extensive than what most people would receive through coverage they have through work.

Why get family or individual health insurance from here?

1. We educate our customers about the type of health insurance they are seeking
2. We offer the broadest selection of individual and family health insurance
3. We provide expert customer service through knowledgeable health insurance representatives
4. We offer instant online health insurance quotes

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

Nearly everyone has access to the Internet, whether it be at home, at work, or through public wireless hotspots. Never before has it been easier to log on and obtain free, quick and easy insurance quotes that could save you hundreds of dollars every year. Often, quotes are mere estimates of the final cost of your insurance policy. However, there are a few tips for getting the very best online insurance quotes that will more accurately reflect your final rate.

Tip #1: Have your personal information handy.

Tip #2: Gather your driving records.

Tip #3: Know how much coverage you really need.

Insurance Coverage That Fits Your Life

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